30 Kitchen hacks to make your life easier

When it comes to cooking or storing food, everyone has their own set of tricks. I’ve read a few posts on this, and I’m always impressed by how creative individuals can be. It makes you question where all these ideas came from in the first place.

I figured I’d share some of the kitchen tricks I do on a regular basis to make my life easier. There are a few I’d like to test but haven’t yet, so I’ve limited this list to those I’ve discovered to be effective. Preparing food, peeling items, cleaning them, preserving concoctions, and so on entails a lot of randomness. Read through the list and let us know if you have any additions that you think the rest of the world should know about!


1. Store cookies on a slice of bread to keep them from going stale (or to soften them after they’ve been overcooked).

2. If you’re having trouble peeling eggs, start with the thicker end and work your way around the egg with the spoon until the peel loosens and falls off.

3. Instead of using a knife, use a spoon to peel fresh ginger. You’ll use less ginger, but it’ll peel just as well.

4. Remove the skin off an avocado by halves it and spooning out the flesh.


5. To keep sliced apples from browning, slice them and reassemble them like a jigsaw, fastening them with a rubber band.

6. Citrus soda, such as 7-Up, Fresca, or Sprite, can keep fruit from browning in the same way as citrus juice can. Plus, you’ll have a fruity juice mixture to drink once the fruit is gone.

7. Make your own buttermilk by combining 1 cup ordinary milk with 1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice.

8. Put an egg in a bowl of water to see if it’s still fresh. It’s bad if it floats; it’s still nice if it sinks.


9. Crack the peel of a garlic clove with the side of a knife for easy removal. (I also twist individual cloves a little to loosen the peel.)

10. When flipping a large pancake, remove the skillet from the heat and lift it while picking up the pancake with a spatula. Then, as you flip the pancake over, lower the skillet. This will keep the pancake together and prevent batter splashing.

11. Peel a kiwi by cutting off both ends, slicing it in half, and spooning out the fruit. (I also like to chop it in half and take small bits of the fruit.)


12. To make citrus fruit more juicy, roll it before juicing it.

13. Remove the fat from soup by cooling it for a few hours; it will solidify and you can scoop it out easily. (You may also harden part of it by adding a few ice cubes to the pot.)

14. Freeze overripe bananas by slicing them into a plastic bag. It’s impossible to utilize them frozen if you leave them in the peel. You can easily break off as many as you need by cutting them into smaller parts.



15. To cleanly slice items like cake or soft cheeses, use unscented dental floss.

16. Pour the creamer first, then the coffee into your mug. When you pour the coffee in thereafter, it will automatically blend and warm up.

17. Test an avocado by removing the stem nub to see if it’s still edible. You’ll have more time to use it if it’s green below; if it’s brown, it’s already too ripe.



18. To clean a filthy blender quickly, fill it with dish soap and water shortly after use, then turn it on for a few seconds to clean the blade. Continue to wash it as usual.

19. Keep sliced celery moist and fresh for several weeks by storing it in water.

20. For a quick, stovetop-free cooking alternative, microwave an egg for 45 seconds. (This can also be used to make an omelet-like dish.)


21. If food (particularly cheese) is beginning to brown in the oven, cover with tinfoil and bake until done.

22. In a salt shaker, keep a few grains of rice to absorb excess moisture and prevent it from clumping.

23. If you know you won’t be able to finish fresh spinach before it spoils, freeze it for smoothies, cooking, and other uses. It appears exactly the same as it did when it was fresh, however it will wilt as it thaws.



24. Instead of using non-stick cooking spray, oil the pan with an empty butter wrapper before baking.

25. If you’re preparing homemade pasta noodles, use a pizza cutter to quickly cut each strip from the dough.

26. Freeze coffee in an ice cube tray for later use in iced coffee – ordinary ice would dilute it.

27. Use an empty wine bottle as a rolling pin if you don’t have one.

28. To easily remove an eggshell from a raw, cracked egg, moisten your fingers first, then dig the broken shell out with your fingertips.


29. Freeze leftover sauce, broth, or small foods in plastic bags that may be laid flat in the food. You can keep them more efficiently and conserve space once they’ve been frozen. (I do this with my homemade pizza sauce all the time.)

30. Put 1 teaspoon of baking powder in half a cup of boiling water to see whether it’s still good; it should bubble. Mix a small bit of baking soda with a few drops of vinegar to see whether it bubbles.

And that’s all I have! I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting about right now, but I believe this is a good representation of some of my favorite kitchen or food-related hacks. I hope you found a couple of these helpful!

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